A Quiet Resilience

A Quiet Resilience

Cast & Crew

Directed by
Gustav and David Bengtsson
Fabian Staaf
Leif Edlund
Amanda Ooms
Antti Reini
Oliver Larsson
Sophia Martinsson
Anna-Maria Gullberg


Category Feature Film

Language Swedish

Nationality Sweden

Gustav & David Bengtsson
Benjamin Zadig
Produced by
Gustav Bengtsson
David Bengtsson

Local Release 2024

Production status in PostPro

A Quiet Resilience
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A Quiet Resilience



A Quiet Resilience tells the tale of young individuals navigating the complexities of life during a period marked by uncertainty and disillusionment. At the heart of the narrative is Tim, a restless young man striving to mend the fractured relationship with his mother, who had once left him for a new life and career. Meanwhile, Tim grapples with living under the roof of his choleric father, who organizes illegal boxing matches to make ends meet, forcing Tim into participation as their primary income source. Amidst the chaos, Tim immerses himself in physical workouts in a gym and the fleeting warmth of alcohol-fuelled gatherings, yearning for connection and solace. As he grapples with both real and imagined adversaries, the question lingers: how long can Tim sustain this tumultuous existence? A Quiet Resilience serves as an authentic portrayal of contemporary vulnerability among young people, shedding light on their overlooked struggles.