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( REVIEW HOF: "The black square"

Yesterday evening the 55th Hof Film Festival opened lightly with the premiere of the debut film "The Black Square" , a weird comedy in the footsteps of Billy Wilder and Blake Edwards . Director Peter Meisterhas already been awarded the Tankred Dorst Prize for his script. It begins with the fact that two thieves are supposed to hand over their loot, the eponymous picture of Viktor Malewitsch, on a cruise ship, of all places. The duo, who are not too skillful in the process, almost fails to get on board. At the last second they snatch their tickets and suitcases from two entertainers. And as the law of the genre says, it gets worse. You actually have to act as entertainers, as David Bowie and Elvis Presley, and be available as dance partners for the female guests. And then they also lose their valuable painting ...

Meister plays with well-known set pieces of the genre, there are mix-ups, there is even an over-the-top magic number, but he tells a bit more weird. He always finds surprising, original solutions. And he lets his characters react disarmingly cool instead of in headless slapstick mode. In doing so, he can build on his excellent ensemble, above all Bernhard Schütz, among others as " Eichwald MdB " a bank, and Sandra Hüllerthat adds another wonderful touch to their unusual figures and representations. Schütz gives a Bowie performance to shame others, a wonderful dance between ballet elegance and Freddie Frinton dinner for one drunkenness and, like an inexperienced boy, lets himself be seduced by Hüller's slightly brittle but very self-confident Marta, who not only has very clear opinions to art, but can also be tough. The two have wonderful scenes together, as does Schütz with his colleague from "The System", Jacob Matschenz .

On the bizarre, highly personable and enjoyable cruise, the tone of which varies from laconic to shrill, art is philosophized - and original and fake, and there is also blood flowing. In fact, "The Black Square" is less a thriller than a dance of relationships in which several couples break apart and find each other - and the two main characters their calling. A loving surprise egg and a successful opening film that puts you in a good mood. "The Black Square" is a Frisbee film production that started 15 years ago with "Nimmermeer" Clipwas at the Indiefestival in Upper Franconia and was awarded - with the sponsorship award for the production and the Eastman for the direction. "The black square" also has a chance of receiving an award - like other newcomer titles that can be seen in the cinema until Sunday or online for seven days.

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