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GERMAN cinema Cannes Label 2020 entry might be the showcase of two « Enfants terribles”. Oskar Roehler (No place to go, Suck my dick, Agnes and his brothers, Elementary Particles…) has accepted the daunting task to revisit the life and art of cinema legend,

Rainer Werner Fassbinder, German motion-picture and theatre director, writer, and actor who was such an important force in postwar cultural West
German landscape, in Enfant terrible, sold worldwide by Picture Tree International. “I can’t state another German director who would be more perfect than Oskar Roehler for this film.

It’s not that there is parallel into their two lives or careers. But, in some way, Oskar Roehler always try to find a new angle to a story. And don’t shy away from different things and topics,” says Markus Zimmer (Bavaria Filmproduktion) who’s coproducing this € 3m drama with Stefan Arndt and Uwe Schott from X Filme Creative Pool. The cast also includes Katja Riemann, Hary Prinz, Anton Rattinger, Felix Hellmann, Erdal Yildiz, Jochen Schropp, Sunnyi Melles and Isolde Barth. Roehler penned the script of the movie, which was initially meant to be entitled Fassbinder, together with Klaus Richter, with whom he previously collaborated on Jew Suss: Rise and Fall.

The film starts with Fassbinder’s appearance on the stage scene in Munich in 1968. And follows him during the seventies till the end
of his life in 1982. Enfant terrible mixes the creator art world but also pays a lot of attention to the men of his life. Fassbinder felt that he was not made
for love. And the film focuses also on his inability to live relationships. Oliver Masucci, fresh from his worldwide
successes with Look who’s back and the Netflix series Dark, is playing the maverick director. Markus Zimmer is positive about the fact that
Enfant Terrible is not just an object for cinephiles. “We are showing the positive and negative sides of a complex personality. It’s not always flattering,
but from what we’ve heard from people who knew him, it comes very close to who he was. We’re mostly trying to portray a manic film director and a man
who was desperately looking for love. And was never able to find it. Someone who worked in the seventies and the eighties. The way he filmed would
not be possible today. Those kind of directors lived their lives to the fullest, did not try to do any compromise.

And often using and abusing their film teams and their actors. You don’t have to be a film buff to enjoy it” he adds. German-respected art house shingle Weltkino
will release Enfant Terrible on October 1 st, 2020. ✦


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