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(DEADLINE) Picture Tree Int’l Boards Alireza Golafshan’s ‘Everything’s Fifty Fifty’ & Posts Deals For German B.O. Hit ‘Weekend Rebels’ – AFM

EXCLUSIVE: Picture Tree International (PTI) has boarded sales on German Iranian director Alireza Golafshan’s comedy Everything’s Fifty Fifty about a divorced couple who embark on a family vacation, ahead of the AFM.

Laura Tonke (Jupiter) and Moritz Bleitreu (The Experiment, Manta Manta Legacy) play a divorced couple who head to Italy for a family holiday with their young son and the former’s new boyfriend, played by David Kross (The Reader, The King’s Man).

Planned with the best of intentions, the trip exposes cracks in their parenting, forcing them to reappraise their approach and work out how to function as a family again.

The movie follows Golafshan’s Ibiza-set hen party caper JGA and reunites him with producers Justyna Muesch, Quirin Berg and Max Wiedemann at Leonine-company Wiedemann & Berg, best known for The Lives Of Others, Never Look Away and Who am I.

They are lead producing in co-production with Seven Pictures Film and Leonine Licensing. Leonine Studios has set a tentative theatrical release date of on January 18 2024.

The sales acquisition follows PTI’s successful collaboration with Wiedemann & Berg on Marc Rothemund’s Weekend Rebels, which is nearing 600,000 admissions in Germany following its theatrical release there on September 28.

The heart-warming tale, based on a true story, stars Florian David Fitz as a father who bonds with his autistic son through soccer.  

PTI has unveiled a first round of salse on the title to South Korea (Jinjin) (South Korea), Japan (SDP), Taiwan (Swallow Wings), Latin America (Encripta), Israel (Nachshon) Ukraine (Svoekino), Czech Republic and Slovakia (AQS), the Netherlands (VPRO) and airlines (Encore).

PTI’s AFM slate also features A Whole Life, adapted from Robert Seethaler’s classic novel about a man living in dignity in the Austrian Alps in the face of hardship and loss. The film played at IFF Newport Beach and Whistler, after world premiering in Zurich, ahead of a release in Germany by Tobias Film on November 9.

Further titles include Chris Kraus’s retribution drama sequel 15 Years starring Hannah Herzsprung (The Reader, Who Am I) and Albrecht Schuch (All Quiet on the Western Front, System Crasher); 2020 Vienna terrorist attack drama Woodland by Elisabeth Scharang, which debuted at Toronto and Zurich, and Venison.

The latter title is the ninth instalment in Ed Herzog’s Constantin Film-produced Bavarian Rhapsody franchise and was one of the year’s biggest box office hits in Germany with 1.5 million theatrical admissions.

PTI will also present the first made-for-television titles to come out of its recently announced sales collaboration with Bavaria Media, under which it is handling territories outside of Europe on the historical dramas A Stolen Life – The Destiny Of Martha Liebermann, The Heart Of Cape Town and White Silence.

As part of the venture, PTI is also entering the sales of serial programs including the crime series Dark Lake and Cold Valleys as well as family series Dr. Dog.

The collaboration broadens PTI’s portfolio beyond theatrical feature films as its also heads to Ventana Sur and the Asia Television Forum (ATF) in Singapore after the AFM


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