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(Cineuropa) Joram Willink • Producer MY EXTRAORDINARY WITH TESS

Joram Willink • Producer, BIND

"Finding your own voice - also as producer - is a challenge"

by European Film Promotion

- We interviewed Joram Willink, producer for Dutch outfit BIND, who has been selected for the 2019 Producers on the Move

Joram Willink • Producer, BIND

Joram Willink joined forces with fellow producer Piet-Harm Sterk in 2007 to establish the production company BIND to create stories that inspire social change. His award-winning productions include Remy van Heugten's Son of Mine [+] and Steven Wouterlood's TV movie Anything Goes as well as his feature film My Extraordinary Summer with Tess [+] (selected in the Generation section at the 2019 Berlinale). Joram is currently in post-production on Sander Burger's The Judgement and raising the finance for van Heugten's new feature project Mascot. He has been selected as one of the 2019 Producers on the Move by European Film Promotion.

European Film Promotion: Which is the film you are most proud of and why?
Joram Willink: Always a difficult a question to answer since I am proud of quite some. But for this occasion I would say Son of Mine. It was made in a special scheme for author-driven debut features and was very well recognised nationally and international. For me it is a good example of great storytelling, unique visual style and the production value we could create within this limited budget production. But most importantly, it is showing the international potential of the director.

It is a great stepping stone for the next feature with the same team, Mascot, which I am now financing and presenting in Cannes.

What are the challenges and merits of producing in your country?
The merits are that there are some great schemes to make shorts, mid-length and TV features as stepping stones to make cinematic feature films. These schemes are supported by a collaboration of funds and broadcasters and give chances to a lot of new talents. Challenges within this environment with a bunch of decision makers is to find your own voice - also as producer; steer your projects through it, let the 'system' work for you and the project and don't lose track on making outspoken and authentic work.

What are your expectations in Cannes as one of the "Producers on the Move"?
Get to know more producers and sales agents to collaborate in the future, people who share my humour, my passion for good food, my engagement and of course my vision on what and how to make films.

What are your next projects?
Present my new projects to the industry, like Mascot by Remy van Heugten (in financing phase) and The Judgement by Sander Burger (in post-production). Both project have strong social engagement. Mascot follows a young man who resorts to far-right ideology to vent his frustration. A socially engaged, psychological drama in which temptation, love, loneliness, frustration and transformation are key themes. In The Judgement, a journalist sets out to counter 'trial by media' with a clear presentation of the facts, only to find that the image is more powerful than the truth. The story arraigns the modern-day dynamic of the media in Europe in which the credibility of journalism is at stake (fake news), and makes the unmistakable impact of the media on the due process of law and the framing of innocent people palpable.

Besides that we are in post-production with new shorts (fiction and docs) with new talent and we are filming a docudrama mini-series taking place in the Dutch Antilles.


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