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Dag Johan Haugerud’s Beware of Children is this year’s Norwegian candidate for the prestigious Nordic Council Film Prize, a much-coveted prize that has been awarded 17 times. After its premiere the film has received rave reviews and Haugerud is praised as one of Norway’s most exciting directors.

The acclaimed and thought-provoking depiction of the relationship between children and adults, is in competition with the following great films from the Nordic countries:

Denmark: Uncle (Onkel) by Frelle Petersen (director/script), Marco Lorenzen (producer).

Finland: Dogs don’t wear pants (Koirat eivät käytä housuja) by Jukka-Pekka Valkeapää (director/script), Juhana Lumme (script), Aleksi Bardy and Helen Vinogradov (producers).

Iceland: Echo (Bergmál) by Rúnar Rúnarsson (director/script), Rúnar Rúnarsson, Live Hide, Lilja Ósk Snorradóttir (producer)

Sweden: Charter by Amanda Kernell (director/script), Lars G. Lindström and Eva Åkergren (producers).


The purpose of the Nordic Council Film Prize, which is the most coveted award in the Nordic countries, is to raise interest in the Nordic cultural community as well as to recognize outstanding artistic initiatives. The films are selected and nominated because of their high artistic quality and originality, and for the way they combine and elevate the many elements of film into a compelling and holistic work of art in Nordic culture. The DKK 350,000 prize will be shared equally among the screenwriter, director, and producer, underscoring how film as an art form is brought about by the close collaboration of these three main contributors.

Last year’s winner of the Film Prize was the Danish film Queen of Hearts by May el-Toukhy. Previous winners include Benedikt Erlingsson’s Woman at War, Selma Vilhunen’s Little Wing, Joachim Trier’s Louder than Bombs, Thomas Vinterberg’s The Hunt, Dagur Kari’s Virgin Mountain, Pernilla August’s Beyond and Lars von Trier’s Antichrist among others.

The winner will be announced Wednesday, October 27, 2020 with the Nordic Council Autumn Session in Reykjavik, Finland depending on the development of the Covid-19 situation.

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