Weekend Rebels


10-year-old Jason, who is autistic, needs the routines he has set up and that are non-negotiable. His Dad MIRCO (Florian David Fitz) and his mom FATIME (Aylin Tezel) have both worked a lot to keep things together but Jason’s special situation is a
challenge for the young family. 
When it is suggested to the family that Jason should transfer to a special needs school, Mirco faces a challenge: He makes his son promise to find a favorite soccer club with him. In return, Jason promises to make every effort to stop letting himself be provoked at school. But Jason’s criteria for choosing a soccer club are special and Mirco didn’t expect Jason to have to see all the 1st, 2nd and 3rd division clubs live in the stadium before he makes up his mind. And on top of it all, the club must not have a silly mascot, must be environmentally sustainable, must have handicapped-accessible toilets, must not have Nazis among its fans, the players must not wear shoes that are too colorful, and must not form any swearing-in circles before the game!
Father and son travel to Germany's soccer stadiums and in the process Mirco finally really learns to understand his special son and how to deal with his disability. Their soccer weekends become an escape from everyday life for both of them and a great adventure as they become WEEKEND REBELS. Both find what they weren't necessarily looking for but definitely needed, and learn what is really possible when you understand that to love is a verb.

Title Weekend Rebels
Original Title Wochenendrebellen
Directed by Marc Rothemund
Starring Florian David Fitz, Cecilio Andresen, Aylin Tezel, Joachim Król, Petra Marie Cammin, Milena Dreissig, Leslie Malton, Tilo Nest, Michaela Wiebusch, Ilknur Boyraz
Genre Drama, Comedy
Running time 109 min
Language German
Nationality Germany
Scriptwriter Richard Kropf
Cinematographer Philip Peschlow
Produced by Wiedemann & Berg Film
Local Release 2023 - September 28
Film Status Post-Production

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