Venison Stew Rendezvous


"What's for dinner?" "Nothing." A big bang at the Eberhofer farm: Grandma (Enzi Fuchs) is on strike! After what feels like 2000 pies and even more roast pork, bread dumplings and Kraut, grandma decides to rid herself of all future family duties. Hell breaks loose! Papa Eberhofer (Eisi Gulp), Franz (Sebastian Bezzel), Leopold (Gerhard Wittmann) and Susi (Lisa Maria Potthoff) must finally learn to look after themselves for a change. Now, of all times, Susi is appointed as deputy mayor and temporarily takes over Niederkaltenkirchen's town hall, reducing Franz's position to a part-time job with her newfound power, so that he can take care of son Pauli from now on. This official measure touches Eberhofer's masculinity severly. Fortunately, it doesn't take long until a crow picks up a human ear, and what seemed like a deadlocked missing persons case surprisingly evolves into a tricky murder case that once again unites Franz and Rudi (Simon Schwarz) as investigative dream team in top form.
Title Venison Stew Rendezvous
Original Title Rehragout Rendezvous
Directed by Ed Herzog
Starring Sebastian Bezzel, Simon Schwarz, Lisa Maria Potthoff, Eisi Gulp, Enzi Fuchs, Gerhard Wittmann, Daniel Christensen, Stephan Zinner, Max Schmidt, Sigi Zimmerschied, Thomas Kügel, Ferdinand Hofer, Eva Mattes, Michael Kranz, Tina Keserovic, Michael Ostrowski, Stefan Betz, Castro Dokyi Affum, Gregor Seberg, Monika Gruber
Genre Action
Running time 97min
Language German, Bavarian
Nationality German
Scriptwriter Stefan Betz, Ed Herzog
Cinematographer Stephan Schuh
Produced by Kerstin Schmidbauer
Local Release 2023
Film Status Completed

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