Bertie (Til Schweiger) ended his racing career and now runs a failing car repair shop and go-kart track. When the bank threatens to foreclose on his business, Bertie comes up with a daring plan: first prize at the upcoming 90’s nostalgia race, could solve his financial problems.. With only one month to transform his run-down OPEL MANTA into a racing “projectile”, the race against the clock begins. When his ex-wife Uschi (Tina Ruland) suddenly re-enters Bertie's life, she asks him to take care of their (young adult) son Daniel (Tim Oliver Schultz). Bertie's month of chaos is just beginning.

Directed by Til Schweiger
Starring Til Schweiger, Tina Ruland, Michael Kessler, Tim Oliver Schultz, Luna Schweiger, Tamer Trasoglu, Ronis Goliath, Nilam Farooq, Justus Johanssen, Emma Drogunova, Martin Armknecht, Timur Bartels, Moritz Bleibtreu, Wotan Wilke Möhring, Axel Stein, Charlotte Krause, Sami Nasser, Philippa Jarke
Genre Action, Comedy
Running time 125 min.
Language German
Nationality Germany
Scriptwriter Til Schweiger, Michael David Pate, Miguel Angelo Pate, Carsten Vauth, Peter Grandl, Murmel Clausen, Reto Slimbeni
Cinematographer René Richter
Produced by Constantin Film
Local Release 30 March 2023
Film Status Completed

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