Nowhere by Matthias Starte

A stranger in his own life, 25 year old Danny reluctantly returns to his childhood home after his father‘s sudden passing. To his surprise, he slowly rediscovers his hometown in the middle of nowhere as a summery paradise and falls back in love with his former sweetheart Susu. But in order to find his purpose in life, Danny has to finally face the part of his past that made him leave home so many years ago.

Title Nowhere
Type Complete Lineup
Genre Drama
Category Feature Film
Format DCP
Running Time 105 min

Ludwig Trepte, Jella Haase, Saskia Rosendahl
Amelie Kiefer, Ben Münchow, Dennis Mojen, Frederik Götz

Directed by Matthias Starte
Produced by

Sky Deutschland, MK Filmproduktion, Cine Chromatix, Kato Film, Servus TV, Pictures in a Frame

Nationality Germany
Original title Nirgendwo
Release year 2016