Links of Life by Marie-Hélène Roux

Marion is a fifty-year-old French woman who has always lived with her mother. Born with an obsessive-compulsive disorder (O.C.D), society‘s codes escape her. Following the death of her mother, she pursues her dream of going to America. In Utah, amid the immensity, beauty and emptiness, she bumps into the enigmatic Rob, who also rides on the edge of society with his own identity at stake. Together they embark on a hilarious and life-changing journey to discover hope, in a liberal allowance of time.

Title Links of Life
Type Complete Lineup
Genre Tragicomedy
Category Feature Film
Format DCP
Running Time 107

Marie Bunel
René Heger
Catherine Samie

Directed by Marie-Hélène Roux
Produced by

1divided Films

Nationality France
Original title Links of Life
Release year 2017