Dark, Almost Night by Borys Lankosz

When Walbrzych experiences a series of mysterious child kidnappings, Alicja Tabor, a journalist, shows up in town. After years of absence the tenacious reporter returns home to meet the families of the missing children and solve a
mystery which puzzles even the police. During her private investigation, Alicja quite unexpectedly picks up a trail of dramatic events which started decades earlier. In her quest for truth, the journalist faces a new threat as well as the one she had been running away from here entire adult life – the shocking secrets of her family and her own childhood. As the story progresses, the dark criminal scheme binds everything together: the child disappearances, the war-tainted past, the legend of a lost treasure and even Alicja’s fate, who during her journey faces pure evil, but also finds allies standing on the side of good.

Title Dark, Almost Night
Type Upcoming titles
Genre Thriller / Drama / Fantasy
Category Feature Film
Format DCP
Running Time 111 min

Magdalena Cielecka
Marcin Dorocinski

Directed by Borys Lankosz
Produced by

Aurum Film

Nationality Poland
Original title Ciemno, prawie noc
Release year Fall/Winter 2018